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Ice Stick - Revitalize Your Skin

Experience Visible Transformation

Discover the power of Ice Stick as it visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and puffiness, unveiling spectacular results. Our advanced formula is designed to target and diminish those unwanted signs of aging, leaving your skin looking and feeling revitalized. Elevate your skincare routine and witness a visible transformation that speaks volumes.

Flawless Skin with Light-Reflecting Magic

Indulge in the magic of light-reflecting particles that dance on the surface of your skin, working tirelessly to smooth out lines and imperfections. Ice Stick goes beyond conventional skincare, providing you with flawless skin that radiates confidence. Unleash the beauty of a smoother complexion, and let your skin reflect the brilliance of your vibrant personality.

Cooling Bliss for Ultimate Refreshment

Experience the exhilarating cooling effect that sets Ice Stick apart. Our unique formula not only enhances your skin's appearance but also provides a refreshing sensation, turning your skincare routine into a daily ritual of self-indulgence. Treat yourself to the ultimate skincare bliss and embrace the cool, soothing touch of Ice Stick for a revitalized and invigorated feeling.

Effortless Eye Care Routine

To take care of your eyes effortlessly, follow this simple routine:

1. Complete Eye Area Application: Apply the eye care product both in the morning and evening to rejuvenate and pamper your entire eye area effortlessly.

Morning and Evening Ritual

1. Gently Cleanse: Start by cleansing your face with a mild cleanser to ensure your skin is ready to absorb the eye care product effectively.

2. Pat Dry: Gently pat your face dry with a soft towel, preparing the canvas for the application of our specially crafted eye care product.

3. Apply to the Entire Eye Area: Using your fingertips, delicately apply the eye care product to the entire eye area, including the under-eye and eyelid regions.

4. Gentle Patting Motion: Use a gentle patting motion to help the product absorb into the skin. This allows the active ingredients to work effectively.

5. Allow Time to Absorb: Give the product a moment to be absorbed by your skin, creating a smooth base for any additional skincare or makeup application.

6. Repeat Evening Application: Before bedtime, repeat the same application process to allow the eye care product to work its magic overnight for refreshed eyes in the morning.

Pro Tip: Consistency is key. Make applying our eye care product a part of your daily morning and evening rituals to unleash its full potential and maximize its benefits.

Aqua (Water) • Butylene Glycol • Glycerin • Sodium Stearate • Octyldodecyl Myristate • Glyceryl Stearate • PEG-75 Stearate • Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil) • Polyglyceryl-10 Pentahydroxystearate • Chondrus Crispus Extract • Apricot Kernel Oil PEG-6 Esters • Hydrolyzed Elastin • Rosa Moschata Seed Oil • Tocopheryl Acetate • Mica • Dimethicone • Dimethiconol • Glyceryl Behenate • Xanthan Gum • Phenoxyethanol • Methylparaben • Propylparaben • CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide).

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